For more than a decade, New York's most selective real estate firms know they can rely on NYCREX to deliver their most valuable resource – top producers. Recruiting and Real Estate are embedded within the core fabric of our DNA. With thousands of successful real estate placements, and countless hours of hard work and dedication, NYCREX has solidified its position as a leader in Real Estate Recruiting.

We cultivate an inexhaustible supply of new agents entering into the market who are looking to NYCREX for guidance on placement. Every company is unique, and we have a vested interest in understanding the composition and culture of your organization. Similarly, every candidate is unique, and our ability to evaluate and match candidates to our clients is our keystone performance metric. Our clients enjoy a measurable competitive advantage when sourcing future top producers through us.

NYCREX has expertise is in recruiting for the following roles:

  • Licensed Sales Agent
  • Broker & Associate Broker
  • On-Site Leasing Agent
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Listing Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Director of Rentals
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Marketing
  • Property Manager

Large, mid-sized, and boutique agencies in residential and commercial real estate depend on NYCREX for their most valuable resource. Schedule a meeting today to discuss how NYCREX can deliver top producers and top talent to your firm.